My Love Regret Release

Hello! “My Love Regret” is here and the drama intensifies. Damian and Risa’s bittersweet love story will continue in “My Love Protect”.

My Love Regret_Medium

When love is hate and cruelty is kindness…

How could I walk away from Damian when he held my heart so tightly?

Risa Kelly is barely holding on by a frayed thread. Her lover, Damian Black-Price, has not only lost all memory of their relationship, but he seems determined to keep her at arms-length.

Except when he’s pulling her back to him.

Cruel, ill-tempered, and possessive, Damian doesn’t want to keep Risa, but he won’t let her go. Risa holds her emotions under lock and key, but inside she’s frustrated, heartbroken, and sick with love. But every time she’s ready to walk away for good, Damian lures her back to him.

Push and pull. Hate and love. Something has got to give…

Damian Black-Price knows he should stay away from his PA, Risa Kelly. Between the facade of his posh New York life and the bitter truth of his violent Konstantinov heritage, he’s not free to love her as he wants. As Risa deserves.

If he were a good man he’d let her go.

But the thought of not seeing Risa, not hearing her sweet voice, and not being able to keep her close, drives him mad. Torn between what he should do and what he wants to do, Damian’s life is quickly spiraling out of control.

Which side of him will win? The saint he wants to be or the sinner who knows Risa is his other half?

NOTE: This is not a stand-alone novel. Damian and Risa’s bittersweet romance will continue in the upcoming novel “My Love Protect.”



My Love Break Release

Hello Lovelies! After much delay and so much patience shown by you all, I’m happy to finally announced the sequel to “My Love Forgive” is out! FYI: Damian and Risa’s story isn’t done and will continue in “My Love Regret”. I hope you all enjoy “My Love Break” as much as you did the first. — Anna

My Love Break_Medium

Keep me, push me, claim me, forget me.

Risa Kelly now knows that Hell isn’t just being forgotten by the man she loves. It’s having to pretend that nothing ever existed between them in the first place. Committed to being by Damian’s side, Risa goes through the painful charade of being his perfect PA, even though her heart cries for him to remember their love and her body craves his ruthless discipline…

But Risa can feel Damian is drawn to her, even if he believes he’s still with his ex-lover, Gretchen Smith…

Damian Black-Price wakes up to learn he’s lost the last six months of his life. Determined to keep his secrets and protect those he cares for from the shadowy underworld of his birth, Damian resumes his respectable life in New York while fighting his dangerous feelings for Risa.

But amidst endless workdays and society galas, Damian is losing against the obsessive instinct that demands he keeps Risa anyways…

NOTE: This is not a stand-alone novel. Damian and Risa’s bittersweet romance will continue in the upcoming novel “My Love Regret.”



Under His Hand – 5 Sizzling Novellas of Love and Surrender

Hello Lovely Readers!

I’ve been gone for a while, resting and recharging from quite a busy and emotional year. So I’m extremely happy to announce the release of my latest work “Under His Hand – 5 Sizzling Novellas of Love and Surrender”.

Under His Hand_Updated_Large

From USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author Anna Antonia comes 5 sizzling novellas of love and surrender…

Love doesn’t obey conventional rules and neither do these dominant men. From billionaires to brooding aristocrats to childhood sweethearts, these romances straddle the delicious line between seduction and surrender…

Sarah’s Seduction: Temptation
Sarah Woods has always lived a nice, safe, and predictable life. That is until she meets tall, dark, and sexy-as-hell Devon McNeill in the erotica section of her local bookstore. What begins as friendship quickly turns into a chance for sexual awakening when Devon dares Sarah to meet him for one night at an upscale hotel. Will Sarah give into Devon’s wicked temptation or will this closet-submissive run away from the dominant waiting to make her his?

Being Trevor’s
Trevor St. John always has to be in control. He thrives on it, needing dominance over all things big and small. Especially over me. Trevor is beautiful, tortured, and damaged. And despite everything he’s utterly perfect for me…

Obeying Mr. Collins
Natasha Reynolds has worked well under her brilliant yet demanding boss, Mr. Collins, for over a year. One night their dynamics take a thrilling turn. When Mr. Collins confesses to seeing Natasha as his prey, she is forced to admit her submissive side can no longer be completely confined to their working relationship. Will Natasha allow her inner bunny to come out and play with the ravenous wolf that is her boss?

A Beautiful & Dark: Obsession
Sophia Carter loved Alexander Monroe Draven II more than the moon and the stars, but he became a dangerous obsession. Eventually, she had to end things for her own sanity—but she never forgot Alexander. Now her obsession is back and the billionaire wants Sophia and he won’t take no for an answer.

Ava & Sevastian: Cry
Ava is emotionally complicated. Sevastian is emotionally repressed. To ease the burdens of their high-stress lives, they like to play dominance and submission games. However, one night changes everything. How will Ava and Sevastian come to terms with the dark knowledge that it’s not all just a game but a new way of life?


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