What To Read After Fifty Shades of Grey: Unlimited Romance #3 (WTRAFSOG Themes Book 7) Release

Hello! I’m in the latest boxed set from What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey. If you haven’t read “Mad for You” yet here’s your chance to check the first of the series out and get a ton of great reads from fabulous authors. It’s #FREE with #KINDLEUNLIMITED and on sale for $.99 for a limited time.

WTRA5SoG Boxed Set 3


This great new box set features ten steamy erotic romance reads by a great new lineup of authors!!

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Mad for You by Anna Antonia — Emma Adams had always considered herself level-headed, even-tempered, and most of all, sane. So how did she become someone who couldn’t seem to push Gabriel Gordon away? No matter how sweet his words could be or how easily passion exploded between them, getting involved with the outrageously wealthy playboy had to be the height of insanity.

Scandalous: Playing with Fire by Emma Rose — Olivia is out of options, and now faces a tough choice that puts her between two sexy billionaires. Drowning in debt after finishing college with a literature degree, Olivia must face the music – Get a job or get kicked out of her apartment. She interviews for a position at a successful restaurant and is willing to do anything to prove herself.

Switch It Up by J.H. Craig — The second book in The Switch Stories series, Switch It UP is a BDSM erotic romance. It features Mistress Madeline and her lover, artist Jason Merrin. The ordinarily attentive Jase is growing distant, and Miss Madeline has to solve the mystery of his past to bring him back to her.

Rouse Me by Crystal Kaswell — C-list TV actress Alyssa is trapped in a loveless relationship with her high school sweetheart. She avoids anything that might pull her back into a spiral of bulimia. Even passion. Enter Luke. The cocky lawyer is one sexy, witty, totally irresistible temptation.

Loving My Angel: The Complete Serial by Violet Haze — Danita’s in a desperate place, harboring secrets and a pain so deep all she wants to do is die in peace. Ryker’s love for the woman he calls Angel means he’ll do anything to keep her in his life now that she’s stumbled back into it. Will the truth finally set them both free, or is it already too late?

Billionaire in the Dark by Eden Claire — My name is Kaylie Flanders, and maybe you heard my story. I was held captive by a psychopath for a decade; six years ago, I escaped. Freedom, though, is harder than I thought it would be. The only place I feel truly alive is inside the darkness of Club Shamballa.

Art of Cunning by Steffanie Holmes — Alexandra Kline has landed her dream job – curating her first art exhibition at the prestigious Halt Institute in the small English village of Crookshollow. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare when she’s forced to work with Ryan Raynard – the arrogant, reclusive artist who refuses to co-operate with her.

Now or Never by Stacy-Deanne — While investigating the murder of Brett Myers, homicide detective Alexis Adams finds a possible connection between Myers’ murder and Grant Copeland, the most powerful man in town. Alexis has recently moved back to Tate Valley, California and has never forgotten how Grant ruined her mother’s life.

Deviant: Calla & Jason by Rowena — Jason has been in love with his best friend’s girl for a while. The three of them have known each other since adolescence, but Scott whisked Calla away before Jason could begin to act on the tender feelings he has for Calla. But when he is kidnapped, he finds himself trapped in an unfamiliar place with Calla, and a disembodied voice tells them that the only way they’ll be freed is to give in to carnal intimacy.

Deep: Episode One by M.G. Walker — Lily Day finds herself devastated after an interview for her dream job crashes and burns. On her way out, she bumps into Cole Roman, the secretive billionaire CEO, who takes an immediate liking to Lily. This meeting sets off a chain of events that rock Lily to her very core and opens her eyes to a world she never even knew existed.


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All to Love You Release

The day is finally here. I definitely have mixed emotions about this release. Gabriel and Emma have dominated my mind for so long I can’t believe the final book is done. I’m definitely happy but also a little sad to have to say goodbye. Although my plan has been to write a few book-specific novellas from Gabriel’s POV…so maybe it’s just goodbye for now? 😉

Thanks so much for coming with me on this journey, y’all. “Mad for You” definitely changed my life and you all were a huge part of it. Thanks for loving Gemma and seeing it through to the end. *hugs* —Anna

All to Love You

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Anna Antonia comes the final novel in the “Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Love” series:

We were back at the beginning. Changed and unchanged.

The past few months had changed everything in my life for the better. And the worse. The mundane parts of myself became beautiful beneath Gabriel’s gaze. The weaker parts of myself came to light under the very same gaze. At times it was difficult, excruciating even, to be seen so thoroughly, especially by someone who loved me as much as Gabriel did.

My gaze was drawn to the door. He awaited me on the other side.

Emma Adams and Gabriel Gordon have been through hell and back. Family secrets have taken their toll on the young couple but love will always find a way. The question is exactly how will they find their happily-ever-after?

Book 4 in the “Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Love” series.


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All to Love You & Internet Silence

When Anna

Sorry I’ve been internet silent, everyone. I’ve had/still have several deadlines coming down at the same time and so I’ve been writing like mad and still having to be mommy and wife and going through the curve balls of life.

But! I’m reaching out to you all to let you know that “All to Love You” is coming out next week. Granted, when I planned for a summer release I meant more like August but curve balls. I’m squeaking in before the official end of Summer on the 22nd but hey! I’ll take it right now. 

So please be on the lookout for early next week unless I’m able to get live links this weekend. I will definitely post back here when I’ve got links to share. Thanks for all your patience, kind words, and feedback. *kisses*

Now, I’m off to reply back to messages and comments that I’ve let pile up. *hugs & kisses for that* Seriously, I’m going to get better with the social media thing.

Dangerous for You Release

It’s here! It’s here! “Dangerous for You” is finally out! *happy dance* I’ll get right to it:

Dangerous for You 900x1350

From New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Anna Antonia comes the dramatic third installment in the “Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Love” series:

I’d made it through my personal journey and had reached the point where I was all in with Gabriel…

It was so sweet, this thing between us. Mostly living together, playing roughly when the mood struck, and making the mundane wonderful–we were taking all the steps of a life moving forward to a permanent future.

I really wanted it.

But I knew something Gabriel didn’t know or didn’t want to acknowledge. Our strange fairy tale was unraveling.

Emma Adams and Gabriel Gordon are madly in love. Together they’re creating the beautiful life they’d always wanted–even talking marriage and children. But not everyone wants to see them reach a happily-ever-after. Gabriel’s uncle, Lucas Gordon, sees Emma as a dangerous obsession and will stop at nothing to tear them apart…

Book 3 in the “Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Love” series.

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“First Night – A Mad for You Novella” Release

First Night - A Mad for You Novella

Long before he became a billionaire and she an ambitious analyst, he was a beautiful boy in love with her–a girl from the wrong side of the tracks…

Gabriel Gordon, playboy extraordinaire, has been fixated on winning Emma Adams’s affections for over a month. She’s resisted his charming advances, even going so far as turning down Gabriel’s request to be his date for Senior Prom.

Now it’s the night and Emma can’t help but be aware of Gabriel’s smoldering stares. Sparks fly when she turns him down again, refusing to dance with him despite her desire to give in, causing Emma to flee from him and her feelings. When Gabriel catches her outside, Emma is finally powerless to resist giving this broken angel her first kiss and her heart…

Book 1.5 in the “Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Love” series

NOTE: Approximately 10,800 words or 80 pages. “First Night” is a “Mad for You” short. It isn’t necessary to have read “Mad for You” prior, but it is helpful.





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