My Love Forgive Release

I fell so in love with this book that I wish I could write three times as fast as my usual pokey speed so I can get the second one out–like yesterday.

My Love Forgive_BN

From USA Today & New York Times Bestselling Author Anna Antonia comes a new dark romance series:

Risa’s tears spilled. They cascaded down her smooth cheeks. The urge to trace them with my finger beckoned. Darkness stirred inside my soul. I should have been upset to see the silvery trails. I should have asked for her forgiveness.

I wouldn’t.

Risa’s tears were proof of her devotion to me.

Risa Kelly’s whirlwind office romance with Damian Black started with rejection but soon evolved into an intense game of passion and power. Caught in the addictive extremes of Damian’s personality, Risa fell hard for him, even as she hated Damian’s refusal to show her his emotions outside of the bedroom. Eventually convinced that he would never love her the same way she loved him, Risa panics and decides to end their relationship.

Damian, however, isn’t anywhere near ready to let her go.

As a man who’s been forced to live a lie from the bloody moment he was born, Damian knows he’s finally found the one woman in the world he can ever love as his true self. And even though he’s yet to tell her his real name, net worth, or that her company is just one of many in his portfolio, Damian’s reaction to Risa leaving is to spirit her away to his mansion.

Now he has to convince her that she belongs with him. And Damian will fight to keep his woman the best way he knows how–ruthlessly and without mercy.

NOTE: This is not a stand-alone novel. Damian and Risa’s dark romance will continue in the upcoming novel “My Love Break.” 


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  1. just bought 1st book now,when will my love forgive be releasing?…..I also just bought being trevor..when does 2nd book release? ..please not like I don’t have a lot to read on my kindle right now about 238 new books…but cant help myself…just a passion I have to read on my down time…

    • Hi Anne! 238 books on your to-read list? Wow, you have a lot of books to read! I love it! 🙂 “My Love Break” is planned for later this year, but I don’t want to give a month until I get a better time frame on when I can get it out. Trevor & Rebecca’s novel is planned for early 2015 and I’m so looking forward to that one. (I’ve had it in my mind now for two years.) Thanks so much for getting in touch with me and I hope you enjoy the books when they come out. 🙂

  2. LOVED!!! would like to know when the second book is coming.

    • Hi Sarah! I’m so happy to know you loved “My Love Forgive.” *hugs* I’m planning for a winter release, but I need to get a few things cleared off my plate first. 🙂 I really appreciate you letting me know you loved the book though. It gives me plenty of motivation to get the sequel out ASAP!

  3. Hey LOVED the first book My Love Forgive. When might we see the 2nd one? Thaks!

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for letting me know you loved the first book. 🙂 My writing schedule got wonky last quarter, so it threw a lot of projects out of order–including “My Love Forgive.” However, I still have plans to have it out this year for sure–and hopefully more in March/April than later. *crossing fingers*

  4. i think im falling inlove i am addicted to your books i have over 400 books on m iphone i cant get enough of reading i bought the whole Mad,Bad Dangerous series on itunes and cant wait for “my love break ” . i am going to buy every book of you . cant wait to start reading ………..

    • Cindy, thanks a bunch for reaching out to me. *hugs* You made my day! 🙂 I’m so glad to know you’ve enjoyed my work and I hope you enjoy every book. “My Love Break” is definitely on the schedule to be written & released this year. I’d like it to be around March/April, but it’ll just depend on my current schedule works out. Thanks again for supporting me, Cindy. I really appreciate it.

  5. When will “My Love Break” be released? You have great stories. Love your books.

    • Hi Liz! Thanks a bunch for letting me know you love my books. *hugs* “My Love Break” is scheduled for late winter/early spring. I just have a couple of projects that I need to finish and then I can finish “My Love Break.”

  6. Anna!! You’re killing me with all these cliffhangers lol I just finished both as I hide books and my love forgive and now I can’t finish either series. madness! 😉 however since your one of my new favs, I shall patiently wait.

    • LOL, Julie! I know, I know! I’m the worst at this. I’m always juggling more than one series and sometimes I don’t juggle them as well as I’d like. I’ve got good news in that next week you’ll be able to finish As I Hide. My Love Break is taking a little longer than I planned, but I’ll be working on that one as well as another novel this month & next. Thanks a bunch for being so patient and truly my goal this year is to pick up the speed. *crossing fingers* 😉

  7. Omg anna! I loved my love forgive so so much, the cliffhanger ending had me almost throwing my kindle across the room in disbelief, only for my elation to see the next book release date , then my world came crashing down again when I realised it had in fact not been released yet! Please please please say it’s soon, I’m currently doing my weekly search for the book ( it’s becoming a ritual lol) loved every second of book one and really am sat on the edge of my seat waiting for book two xxx

    • Hi Angharad! Thank you so much for reaching out to me and letting me know you loved “My Love Forgive.” 🙂 I’m so sorry that I endangered your Kindle. LOL My writing schedule got out of wack last year and it’s carried on until about now. *sigh* However, the good news is I’m working on “My Love Break” right now. Yay! So while I don’t have a release date yet we are getting there. Thanks again for supporting this book and please know it gives me the inspiration and fire to keep going. *hugs*

      • Anna , you’re killing me here, please please please tell me you have some news on a release date or even a hint lol nearly a year later this cliffhanger ending still has me hooked to find out what happens x

  8. Hello!! Do you have a date to launch the second book?

  9. When are you releasing the second one???? Oh the wait 🙂

    • Abigail, I’m so sorry that it’s taken this long. *hugs* 2015 was a rough year professionally and personally, so it cut into my writing time. I am currently working on “My Love Break” but I do not have a projected time. I just hope that it’s this year and soon.

  10. Hai Anna,
    I will not ask about the release of “My love Break”, for there are already so many comments about it, and your answer is plane and simple, so we just have to wait for you to finish it. What I do want to do is thank you for so many fantastic “reading hours”. I so enjoyed your books and have spend many moments in your fantasy world. Your story lines are intriguing and the characters are charming as well as captivating. So again, thank you so much, I am looking forward to read another one of your stories. Have a nice week, greetings fro a Dutch lady, Dirkje

    • Hi Dirkje! You’re so lovely to me. 🙂 I am happy to say I’m in the final editing/proofreading for “My Love Break”. Yay! I haven’t decided if I’m going to put the pre-order up for this month or just wait until January and release it then. Decisions, decisions. LOL

      I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed my works. Really. Your kind words are so very appreciated. *hugs*

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