My Love Break Release

Hello Lovelies! After much delay and so much patience shown by you all, I’m happy to finally announced the sequel to “My Love Forgive” is out! FYI: Damian and Risa’s story isn’t done and will continue in “My Love Regret”. I hope you all enjoy “My Love Break” as much as you did the first. — Anna

My Love Break_Medium

Keep me, push me, claim me, forget me.

Risa Kelly now knows that Hell isn’t just being forgotten by the man she loves. It’s having to pretend that nothing ever existed between them in the first place. Committed to being by Damian’s side, Risa goes through the painful charade of being his perfect PA, even though her heart cries for him to remember their love and her body craves his ruthless discipline…

But Risa can feel Damian is drawn to her, even if he believes he’s still with his ex-lover, Gretchen Smith…

Damian Black-Price wakes up to learn he’s lost the last six months of his life. Determined to keep his secrets and protect those he cares for from the shadowy underworld of his birth, Damian resumes his respectable life in New York while fighting his dangerous feelings for Risa.

But amidst endless workdays and society galas, Damian is losing against the obsessive instinct that demands he keeps Risa anyways…

NOTE: This is not a stand-alone novel. Damian and Risa’s bittersweet romance will continue in the upcoming novel “My Love Regret.”



What To Read After Fifty Shades of Grey: Unlimited Romance #3 (WTRAFSOG Themes Book 7) Release

Hello! I’m in the latest boxed set from What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey. If you haven’t read “Mad for You” yet here’s your chance to check the first of the series out and get a ton of great reads from fabulous authors. It’s #FREE with #KINDLEUNLIMITED and on sale for $.99 for a limited time.

WTRA5SoG Boxed Set 3


This great new box set features ten steamy erotic romance reads by a great new lineup of authors!!

Make sure to check out our other WTRAFSOG Box Sets here:

Mad for You by Anna Antonia – Emma Adams had always considered herself level-headed, even-tempered, and most of all, sane. So how did she become someone who couldn’t seem to push Gabriel Gordon away? No matter how sweet his words could be or how easily passion exploded between them, getting involved with the outrageously wealthy playboy had to be the height of insanity.

Scandalous: Playing with Fire by Emma Rose – Olivia is out of options, and now faces a tough choice that puts her between two sexy billionaires. Drowning in debt after finishing college with a literature degree, Olivia must face the music – Get a job or get kicked out of her apartment. She interviews for a position at a successful restaurant and is willing to do anything to prove herself.

Switch It Up by J.H. Craig – The second book in The Switch Stories series, Switch It UP is a BDSM erotic romance. It features Mistress Madeline and her lover, artist Jason Merrin. The ordinarily attentive Jase is growing distant, and Miss Madeline has to solve the mystery of his past to bring him back to her.

Rouse Me by Crystal Kaswell – C-list TV actress Alyssa is trapped in a loveless relationship with her high school sweetheart. She avoids anything that might pull her back into a spiral of bulimia. Even passion. Enter Luke. The cocky lawyer is one sexy, witty, totally irresistible temptation.

Loving My Angel: The Complete Serial by Violet Haze – Danita’s in a desperate place, harboring secrets and a pain so deep all she wants to do is die in peace. Ryker’s love for the woman he calls Angel means he’ll do anything to keep her in his life now that she’s stumbled back into it. Will the truth finally set them both free, or is it already too late?

Billionaire in the Dark by Eden Claire – My name is Kaylie Flanders, and maybe you heard my story. I was held captive by a psychopath for a decade; six years ago, I escaped. Freedom, though, is harder than I thought it would be. The only place I feel truly alive is inside the darkness of Club Shamballa.

Art of Cunning by Steffanie Holmes – Alexandra Kline has landed her dream job – curating her first art exhibition at the prestigious Halt Institute in the small English village of Crookshollow. But the dream quickly turns into a nightmare when she’s forced to work with Ryan Raynard – the arrogant, reclusive artist who refuses to co-operate with her.

Now or Never by Stacy-Deanne – While investigating the murder of Brett Myers, homicide detective Alexis Adams finds a possible connection between Myers’ murder and Grant Copeland, the most powerful man in town. Alexis has recently moved back to Tate Valley, California and has never forgotten how Grant ruined her mother’s life.

Deviant: Calla & Jason by Rowena – Jason has been in love with his best friend’s girl for a while. The three of them have known each other since adolescence, but Scott whisked Calla away before Jason could begin to act on the tender feelings he has for Calla. But when he is kidnapped, he finds himself trapped in an unfamiliar place with Calla, and a disembodied voice tells them that the only way they’ll be freed is to give in to carnal intimacy.

Deep: Episode One by M.G. Walker – Lily Day finds herself devastated after an interview for her dream job crashes and burns. On her way out, she bumps into Cole Roman, the secretive billionaire CEO, who takes an immediate liking to Lily. This meeting sets off a chain of events that rock Lily to her very core and opens her eyes to a world she never even knew existed.


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Adrian Release + Giveaway

As I mentioned in my last posting, if you were waiting for “As I Hide: Adrian” to be released as one set then this is your time to buy! The novel is out at $.99 for a limited time. (Regular price will be $3.99) I’m also running a Rafflecopter to celebrate the release. (Details are at the end of this post.)

I hope you pick up “Adrian” and enjoy this tale of a working-class girl, her billionaire, and their second chance at love. :)


Adrian Hawthorne was a man in complete control until he met her… 
Adrian Hawthorne worked hard and played even harder. Money and women were never in short-supply for this charming billionaire. But when he bumps into the curvy Victoria Montford late one night, he can’t deny his attraction to her is stronger than anything he’s ever felt before. What starts as seduction ends up being an all-consuming love for Victoria, one that lasts even after she abruptly leaves him to go back South.

Victoria Montford was a young woman hiding a secret from the only man she’d ever loved…
Victoria Montford was on her own in the big city. As a full-time student juggling two jobs she barely had time to sleep, much less fall in love. When she meets the tall and incredibly handsome Adrian Hawthorne at her second job, she can’t ignore her yearning for him. Soon she enters a whirlwind romance that eventually ends up leaving Victoria heartbroken…and pregnant. 

Four years pass before they see each other again on a crowded sidewalk. It’s inevitable that they pick up right where they left off–in and out of bed. But before Adrian and Victoria can try again for their happily-ever-after, she has a confession to make. What will Adrian do when he realizes Victoria had his child and kept it a secret from him?

NOTE: This is the compilation for the “As I Hide: Adrian” serial.



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